bookfanatic2000 said:

Have You read the Books as well as seen the movies 'cos everyone i know hates the movies (as 'attempts at PJ) and loves the books and i am like the only one that loves both?!! (I really hope that that made at least a little sense)

I love both too. Each one is amazing in their own way, and as a fan I appreciate the work of both the author and the production. Having a movie (wether if book fans like it or not) means publicity for the books, means more sales for R. Riordan, means more PJO material.

riordam said:

who did u brutally murder for this url like wtf

I got it before the first movie was released lol

Join all the demigods using the tag #FOXTalkAboutTitansCurse on twitter right now


The purpose of this campaign is to show FOX that we want them to make/post the decision if they intend to make the third Percy Jackson movie or not, tweet @percymovies and @20thcenturyfox to make them notice. For those who don’t know those posts about Logan saying that the titan’s curse was dead were “fake” he said his words were misunderstood, that actually the studio hasn’t said a word about it yet, so it might happen or not.

personal note: If you don’t like the movies just carry on with your life and don’t even lose time adding negative comments about the movies in this post.